Monday, August 06, 2007

Damaging & Taking?

Here is a confusing story in the news. I'm not sure I understand the story correctly, but this is how I think the story goes. A developer acquired some land to be part of a redevelopment project. The acquisition was paid for, not forced by government's use of eminent domain. Local government began working with the developer on the redevelopment project. But, apparently something changed and progress on the redevelopment project halted. The news story claims that this redevelopment project halted largely due to difficulties in aquiring needed land. Now local government seems to once again to be pursuing a redevelopment project for the same area, but local government doesn't seem to want to work with the developer any longer. Instead, local government is apparently now pursuing the idea of using it's power of eminent domain to take the property the developer had acquired for the first redevelopment project. In addition, the developer is asserting that the city continued redevelopment on neighboring parcels through demolition activities which also damaged the developer's properties. It just seems like there must be some shenanigans going on by local government in all this, eh?

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