Sunday, April 01, 2007

Your Money or Your Land

From a post by Ilya Somin:
“What the developer and Village of Port Chester did is nothing short of government-backed extortion,” said Didden. “I had an agreement to develop a pharmacy, a plan fully approved by the Village, and in the eleventh hour I was told that I must either bring this developer in as a 50/50 partner or pay him $800,000 to go away. If I didn’t, the City would condemn my property through eminent domain for him to put up a pharmacy. What else can you call that but extortion? I hope the Supreme Court sets things right.”


Charles Savoie said...

How about the government seizing 113,031,000 ounces of silver from the public under Executive Order 6814, issued by Vincent Astor's puppet, Franklin Roosevelt, on August 9, 1934?

endy smith said...

a little confusing post, I should say. How simple words may make people feel guilty, sorry, happy. knows how to find the right word in a certain occasion.