Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who Has An Idea For Mr. Smith's Land?

LA Daily News - Santa Clarita:
"In order to develop three sites viewed as key to improving downtown Newhall, the city may resort to invoking eminent domain if officials aren't satisfied with the property owners' plans for their land.

Such decisions will be up to the Santa Clarita City Council, acting as the city's redevelopment agency. The agency will look at current uses, developer's proposals and the property owners' plans for high-profile sites in the deteriorating business district.

'The property owners could choose to proceed or the city could do a request for proposals to develop the community project that would have the greatest impact to revitalize downtown,' said Paul Brotzman, the city's director of community development."

What does this sound like? Doesn't it sound like a city council is sitting around looking at property that belongs to others, assuming that it can decide how people use their own property?

And, what's even worse, we have parcels of land owned by private individuals, and it sounds like the city council is going to ask for project proposals from other people for the utilization of those parcels. "Hey, is there any body out there that would like to do something with Frank Smith's parcel at Fifth and Main? Just let us know what you have in mind, and if we like your idea, we can get the parcel for you!"

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Linda Slocum said...

Newhall area property owners have already received notices threatening the use of eminent domain if they don't readily accept the City's "offers" to buy their properties. More on this and on the entire Old Town Newhall Revitalization Project is here: Old Town Newhall Revitalization Project.