Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We're Ready To Go Homepage

In one community under the eminent domain gun of a city government there is apparently a webpage maintained by a group of property owners supporting the project and buyout of their property. There is also an opposition group. At the webpage you can find:

During the past year and more, Westfield has funded a juggernaut of professional service firms whose mission is to stop the Main Street at Sunset development in Sunset Hills. Most of the families in Sunset Manor (229 of 254 families) support the Novus buy-out and are ready to go. Instead, we are held hostage by others … mostly outsiders, who are not from the neighborhood … who have formed the “Stop the Land Grab” opposition group. They are funded by Westfield.
I wonder what "held hostage" by outsiders means? Is this one of the dimensions of the "hold-out problem" justification for giving government the power of eminent domain?

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