Saturday, October 15, 2005

Eminent domain fight in Bayonne?

"Bayonne may use its power of eminent domain to take title to a downtown parcel that has been approved for condo development and put a 'pee-wee' soccer field there." [Ronald Leir, "Eminent domain fight in Bayonne?" The Jersey Journal, October 15, 2005]
When many talk about the need for cities to have the power of eminent domain, the illustrations of the sorts of projects for which the power should be used typically mention roads and highways. I don't remember pee-wee soccer fields being suggested very often. I wonder which use is more highly valued, soccer field or condo development? Is there any reason to think that private decisions won't answer this question? Why not let the city bid against condo development to see if the city "thinks" the best economic use for the land is as soccer fields?

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